Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crossed Signals?

I think that somewhere along the way, we got our signals crossed.
Here's our precious little GIRL, Avery, at a flag football game recently.
(Note: She won the headband at the pizza place the night before. I, for one, am devastated that it has gotten misplaced.)

Now, here's Rhett. our big strapping, young BOY. Wearing a princess dress.
I promise he wanted to wear this. And, just to be clear, his dad put this on him. I'm not sure he thought I was going to post it on the internet, but hey, we're all friends here, right?
(Note: I'm so happy to have a husband who is so secure in his own masculinity that he'll let his baby boy wear a dadgum princess dress anytime he dadgum well pleases!)
So, we've got a girl who thinks she's a boy and a boy who wants to wear dresses. Thank goodness Reese is normal.
Reese races imaginary friends and picks her nose while she sucks her fingers. God help us.

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Cort's Momma said...

Hey Im a middle child and I use to pick my nose when I sucked my thumb too!!
Cort has a babydoll!! I think its the sweetest thing too! Josh didnt really care for it but I assured him its not a big deal plus he's such a boy it doesnt matter! Although, I'd love him no matter what.