Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mealtime at Our House

This is mealtime at our house, in a nutshell. Avery and Reese are usually pretty good. Ok, Avery is pretty good. She knows that, if she wants a treat for dessert, she has to eat the majority of her food without whining. Reese understands the dessert part, but hasn't mastered the "no whining" rule. But Rhett? He hasn't learned any of it. He starts screaming the second I put his plate in front of him, unless it's macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets, and doesn't stop crying until the vile plate of food is removed, which is when everyone is finished. Mealtime is so pleasant lately. Luckily, he loves fruit, cheese and yogurt, so we do have some healthy choices for him, but I refuse to make different food for my kids, so he gets a "kid lunch" and whatever I make for dinner. He rarely eats any dinner, then spends the rest of the evening whining and asking for 'nacks and I find myself saying, no fewer than 12 times each night, "You can't have snacks if you don't eat a good dinner."
He better grow out of it soon....Skinny Tuna just doesn't sound as good as Big Tuna.

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Cort's Momma said...

Oh dodi I have a kid that refuses all food unless its chicken from IGA and even that he refused today! He wont eat anything but snacks either. Josh told me he looked it up and its b/c he gets full on More/mil aka Strawberry milk! Its horrible i get so mad but the doctor told me not to worry about as long as he is getting milk! LOL So we will both have skinny minnies! He is 19 months and weighs 25lbs! LOL