Monday, July 27, 2009

Painting with Daddy

The kids have really gotten into Legos lately. Aaron wanted to get them one of those Lego tables, but since he likes to build, he opted for building them one instead of buying them one. It turned out great.
He decided to paint it on Saturday. And he thought it would be cool if each of the kids painted a different color on it. I thought he was crazy, so I stayed inside watching TV while they were outside. He had them pretty well organized. Reese did the red leg, Rhett did the orange leg, and Avery got the two blue ones. The painting lasted a whopping 20 minutes, but they loved it.
As expected, Rhett got a little wild with his brush...see the orange paint above his ear?

He doesn't seem to mind.

Reese got a little far into her paint as well.

She still has traces of red paint in there. It hurts her head when I try to brush it out. You know how tender a princess' head can be.
Avery didn't make a mess. She just is a mess...

I'm afraid she's becoming a bad influence on her younger siblings.
He looks way too sweet to be a rock star!
I think it's safe to say everybody had fun. Well, maybe not everybody. Guess who got to be in charge of clean-up?

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