Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday Pics

Last Wednesday was Avery's actual birthday. Her friend, Lilly wasn't going to be able to attend the "official" party so we had her over after school for cake and play time.

I actually think Avery would have been fine with just this as her party. They played in the water, she got presents and cake, and we all went out to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner. Here she is, in the PPP parking lot. I let her choose her own outfit.

Yes, I think she would have been fine without an "official" party. But, we had one anyway.
Here's the "official" cake. (I think it's every bit as awesome as a fancy bakery cake...and it's a cheap one from the neighborhood Kroger!)

Obviously, we went with a Rock Star theme.

The kids dressed the part.

My mom said she thought the kids (invited to the party) were too young for Guitar Hero.
I say there's no such thing as too young to rock!

Happy 6th Birthday, Doodlebug! We love you bunches!

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