Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One of my favorites

I was going through some old stuff this morning and came across one of my favorite pictures of all time.

It's a picture of my brothers and I, doing God knows what, in the spring of '99. I love how young we look, I love that we're all grinning so big and obviously having a great time. We were camping at Ft. Gibson lake in Oklahoma...the only thing I can say about that trip is that I learned to enjoy beer for breakfast.
A few marriages, kids, and mortgages later, I'm not sure we could ever replicate that kind of carefree silliness, but I'm thankful to have memories like this!

(P.S. In case anyone is wondering why my sister wasn't in the picture, she had probably just turned 17 and was still in high school. My parents would have never let her out of the house with a bunch of nut jobs for a three day camping trip with no adult supervision. Wait. I was 26. That's technically an adult, isn't it? Is it possible I wasn't as mature as I should have been?)


Cort's Momma said...

What you were only 26 yrs old? LOL That was so fun! No Sleep Fort Gibson!!! LMAO oh that was such a fun camping experience! LOL Seriously we slept in tents and didnt complain. I still about wet my pants thinking of us chanting Fish Fry to that guy in the little boat when our boat about sank! aww.....good carefree memories!!! Thanks for that!

Dodi said...

Oh Bets, I still can't hear the Beastie Boys without thinking about that trip. NO SLEEP, FORT GIBSON!!!

Also the Pearl Jam song...remember, you had the single and we played it in Josh's truck 400 times?

And what about Bo with the stink bait? LOL

Cort's Momma said...

oh man those were some fun times!!! Oh where oh where can my baby be? ......