Monday, June 30, 2008

Cooking Up a Storm

These girls love to "cook." It's become a constant request lately, especially by Avery. "Mom, can we cook? Just pretend." "Momma, do you have anything I can pour in here to cook?" "Mom, just please let me always get to cook, why can't I?" (That one is my favorite...Mom GETS to cook all the time!)

Outdoors, they use soap and mouthwash in buckets. It creates a delightful smell and is super easy to clean. Inside, though? Look at the above picture. It was taken about 10 minutes into the cooking experience. If I let them have this many ingredients, they will cook for at least half an hour, maybe more. It's so nice to have that much time to get something done without hearing arguing, whining or demands for "something to do." I can snuggle with Rhett, fold a load of laundry, and even vacuum the living room during that time.
But ohmygosh, the mess. The floor looks like the table times 100. Seriously, it's a vacuum, broom, mop extravaganza when they are finished. It's amazing what kinds of gunk that I can find on the chairs, table and floors. I just wish I could find something to occupy this kind of time without creating this kind of mess.
It's always a trade off being a mother, isn't it? Half an hour to yourself, but a 45-minute clean-up after. If you choose no messes, you have no time to yourself. Who designed this system anyway????

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courtney said...

My girls love this too but I am way lazier than you. I throw them in the backyard to "cook". I'm not cleaning all that up.

Looks fun.