Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Think It's Finally Safe to Say....

He's walking! (I have tried rotating this damn thing 400 different ways and it keeps showing up on here like this...sorry!)

Sure, he has the occasional fall, but he is getting around pretty good. He's about a month or two behind where his sisters were at this age, but hey, he's a, he has about 10 more pounds on him than they did, so what do you expect? All in all, I'd say he's doing a fabulous job.

Except when he chooses to be Dorf instead of walking around like a normal person.
Remember when that guy from Carol Burnett did those stupid Dorf videos? He walked around on his knees. (Did he even walk or just stand there, on his knees?) He even put shoes on his knees. The only one I remember is Dorf on Golf. (Did anyone think that was funny?)
Anyway, Rhett seems to have taken a cue from good old Dorf because when he's not walking on his chunky little meat-pie feet, he's doing this:

He can move pretty quickly like this. I've tried putting shoes on his knees, but he gets irritated. I'm taking that as a good sign.

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Courtney said...

Very cute! LMAO @ little Dorf.