Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Tennis Champ

Here she is, the tennis champ herself. Avery Evert Lloyd. Or Avery Jean King. Whatever you want to call her, doesn't she look cute?

I'm kicking myself because I forgot my camera today, of all days, when she was wearing her perfect little tennis skirt and matching Dri-fit top. I couldn't resist buying the tennis skirt for her, even if she never wears it again. You see, I've never had the nerve to wear one. I always think that, to be cool enough to wear a tennis skirt, you have to be a really good player and I've never thought of myself as a really good player. So I've never purchased a tennis skirt for myself and I am going to take every opportunity I have to live vicariously through my daughter.

But I digress (as usual). Back to Avery Navritilova. She totally loves the camp. They keep them hopping and she's learning all kinds of good stuff. It's been great, even if my other kids are dragging us down with their sickness and boredom. Here they are on the first day, watching their big sister. This was during the first four and a half minutes while they were still interested.

So, have I gone on and on about this too long? Is it obvious that I love tennis and I really really really want Avery to love it so we can play together and have totally awesome, really fun mother-daughter matches where we wear matching skirts (I'll finally get good enough to deserve one) and give each other high fives as we switch courts.
Ok, so I haven't slept in three days...I'm in a sleep deprived haze and I may be hallucinating...pray that we are all back to normal tomorrow!

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