Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh Sweet Reesie

Reese's latest saying is a bit, well, naughty. Not to an innocent 2 year old, of course, but I'm a perverted old lady. And every time she says this, I want to die of embarrassment or laugh hysterically. It happens almost every meal. See if you can tell what she is saying....

If you guessed "Will you eat me?" you were correct. This is what she says when she is trying to get out of eating her dinner and she wants me to feed her. She means "Will you feed me?" but she has it a bit wrong. At least I hope she means that. I hope to God my baby girl isn't really saying "eat me" at her mother. At any rate, I usually say no, because I don't want to start a trend of feeding her again...that's a step backward and I've already got Big Tuna to handle. But sometimes I just give in because I get tired of her yelling "EAT ME!" at me. It just ain't right.

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