Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tuna Melt

I think I'll start calling Big Tuna, Tuna Melt instead. I think I've mentioned that he melts my heart. I dare say I love him even more this week. I know it's because I feel sorry for him when he's sick and this week, he's had pneumonia, so he's been extraordinarily sad, needy and therefore, snuggly. But what happened the other night was one of those I'm-so-glad-I'm-a-mommy moments. You know the ones-the ones that make your heart feel as if it will explode right out of your chest if you don't hold your breath. I have to get this one in writing so I never, ever forget it.
So, it's 3:30 a.m. Tuesday night. Rhett is sick with pneumonia and has been waking up every few hours, needing Motrin or Tylenol to get his fever down. It's not like he just enjoys the medicine and goes back to bed. No, you have to turn on the light, measure the meds, fight him for 5 minutes to get it down his throat, clean up the part that he spewed out of his mouth and get the lights back off. I want him to calm down so that, once the Tylenol kicks in, he isn't bouncing off the walls. We lay there, with me rubbing his back, in dark silence for a while until I hear his little voice. He's singing. "Tomorrow" from the movie, Annie. Only he can't really talk much, so it's like "Oo-mah-woe, oo-mah-woe, I wuh woo, oo-mah-woe, uh uh me a day a way." It was such a quite, high pitched little voice. He's so new at the talking thing that his voice still seems to surprise me. He sang for a good 3 minutes until he began to fade off. Today, as I write this, I still get tears in my eyes thinking of his little baby, raspy-from-coughing voice singing "Oo-mah-woe" to me as we lay in bed together.
I hope I never forget that moment...that's why I write these things down. In case I do forget, y'all can remind me!

P.S. Can you also please remind me that, letting Avery sleep with us when she was a baby has been the biggest mistake of our lives so that I won't start to let Rhett sleep with us just so I can hear him serenade me from time to time? Thanks.

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