Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teddy Bear Parade

To culminate the week-long (or maybe two, I can't keep track) Bear Unit, the Kindergarten classes at Avery's school hold a Teddy Bear Parade. The kids make a float and bring a bear to ride in the float. They then parade all around the school for the older kids. Parents are invited and this year, we all stood outside and watched the parade. It was hysterical, as usual.

Here are the parade leaders. They are obviously older kids. I'm sure it's a huge honor to be able to hold the sign for the Kindergarten Teddy Bear Parade.
(Note: At this point, "Bear Necessities" (the song from The Jungle Book) is playing on the loudspeakers.)

We were instructed to bring bubbles to blow as the paraders paraded, as if it were a wedding procession. Here's Reese, borrowing from a nice lady who noticed that Reese's mommy bought the cheap, dollar store bubbles that didn't blow worth a hoot. Thank goodness for kind strangers.
(Note: Purse and shoes...always.)

And the piece de resistance....Avery Jackson.

The idea obviously came from her dad. And doesn't it show how much I love Avery AND her daddy, that I would allow such a hideous piece of crap to be made in our house? (I don't really think it's hideous, but I hate OU, so I have to say that.) Not just allowed it, in fact. I did all the details...Aaron was in charge of concept and wheels. I was in charge of decor and hot glue. Avery was in charge of the bear and the stickers, basically.
I think it turned out pretty good. She liked it. So do the other kids. Reese is just dying to make one...we may work on that this week, but I guarantee it won't have anything Sooner-ish on it!

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