Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Sister

My baby sister just saved me from, what was sure to be, an utter and complete mental breakdown. For those of you who don't know, I babysit two babies during the day. Most days it's ok. One of them has problems with digestion and therefore, poops constantly, often soiling her clothes and me. I've gotten used to it though. Oh, who am I kidding? You never get used to that. I bitch about it all the time. But it's become my norm. Now the other baby is on an antibiotic. ANd is pooping, literally, every hour on the hour. Doesn't sound like a problem, but it is. Because he doesn't just poop. It explodes out the top of the diaper, soiling his clothes, the carpet, the exersaucer, my pants, and anything else that happens to be in the vicinity. I've had to change his clothes three times a day for the past three days and frankly, I've had it. Yesterday, I had changed NINE poopy diapers (including Rhett's two) by 1:00 in the afternoon.
Add to all the shit, pardon the pun, that Aaron left town until Saturday and I'm just exhausted. (Did I mention that Avery has had the flu and was home from school these past two days? Day one was fine, yesterday was misery because she was better, therefore whining about being bored and arguing with her sister over everything.)

Ok, so I'm slightly overwhelmed, looking for a break and not seeing one. I actually prayed fervently this morning that I could make it through the rest of the week without yelling, crying or having a nervous breakdown. I needed something to look forward to, to help me get through the rest of this week.

And then, my wonderful sister called. She's going to come visit us this weekend. She and her two boys, Cash and Baby RJ are coming for the weekend, just because! Is this an answered prayer or what? I think so!!!

So, in honor of her graciously saving my sanity and therefore also saving my children's, I give to you my favorite picture of her, ever.
Thanks, Lauren!
(Were you worried it was going to be the librarian pic?)


Aunt La La said...

If the librarian pic makes you smile you can post it...I admit I still dress that part for Justin everyonce in a while....boowww chica woww wow

Katt said...

I loved this......I always wished I had a sister. I was lucky enough to have 2 girls therefor giving them a sister. Of course they are 15 and 17 so they dont appreciate it yet. Im hoping someday they do because it makes me sigh when I hear stories like yours!!!

Haley said...

Look!! It's Cash with long hair! xoxo