Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What is this little weirdo doing????

He is looking at our family pictures, saying "I wuff you Reese, I wuff you Avery, I wuff me, I wuff Mommy and Daddy. And I wuff God." Awwwwwww...kinda makes you feel bad for calling him a little weirdo, huh?

P.S. I need to document why the pictures are no longer on the wall. Last weekend, Aaron went on a boys' trip to the Jersey Shore (he swears there was no fist pumping, but I'm not convinced). Not only was I home alone with all three kids for three nights and four days, but I painted our hallway. I did it right, too, just like my Dad taught me. Cleaned the baseboards, taped them off, cleaned the walls, etc. I worked so hard, and now, I'm having a hard time knowing what i want to do in this newly clean, unstained space. It really doesn't matter what I do with it. I will know (and more importantly, Aaron will know) every time I look at it that I did it all by myself. With three kids underfoot and no one to help with anything. I rock. (Sorry...there are so few times I can say that about myself, that I have to take every opportunity to do so.)

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