Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Biker Bar

Yes, they are pretending that they are in a biker bar. When they asked if they could move furniture, those words were not used. As a parent, I know I should discourage them from pretending they are in a bar. I wrestled with the "good parent" side of my brain for a good 5 minutes before I decided to just keep my mouth shut and see how this thing plays out. When I was a kid we had candy cigarettes. And BB guns that worked. Plus, I think it's funny. And hey, it's better than TV or video games. At least they are using their imagination. So I let it go.
I have no idea how they know anything about biker bars. Honestly. I don't go to biker bars, my husband doesn't go to biker bars, we aren't related to any bikers or people that frequent biker bars. I am 99.9% sure we haven't had a discussion about biker bars. Nevertheless, here we are. In a biker bar. Avery and Rhett are both bikers. I can see it in Avery. She's wearing a leather jacket and a do-rag with flames on it. And a black and silver belt that you cannot see. She looks tough and biker-ish. What I do not understand is why Rhett is wearing a windbreaker zipped to the top, hood tight around his face. I have never, EVER seen a biker wearing a windbreaker with the hood up. For that matter, I don't think I've ever seen a tough, macho type wearing a windbreaker with the hood up. But he tells me he's a tough guy named "Crayon," so there.
Reese is dressed as Snow White. Because of this, obviously, she wasn't allowed in at first. She cried and wailed about the injustice, but the bikers weren't budging. They finally told her that if she put on a tough jacket and didn't talk about girl stuff, she could come in. She brought her stuffed cat and wore a crown, but she didn't breathe a word of princess-y, girly chatter. In fact, she even came up with the idea of getting Cokes and pretending they were beers. Yes, I let them. I know, I know. Bad parenting. But I said no at first...and I reminded them that beer was for grown ups, 21 and over. And remember? We had candy cigarettes. And I don't smoke. I even once snorted Pixy Stix (80's party scenes on TV all the time) and pretended it was cocaine and I've never done cocaine in my life. So they'll be ok. Right?
Don't answer. And do not, under any circumstance, tell me about it if you someday see one of these children in a bar, or on a motorcycle or drinking beer. I don't want to know.

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Corts momma said...

Oh my gosh Dodi I love it! I see nothing wrong with letting them pretend! I catch Cort with real cigs sometimes, he is even hiding from me when he has them too!