Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Adorable

I'll start with the bad, just to get it out of the way. Luckily, there hasn't been much bad about the last 3 weeks. In fact, I've been busy having so much fun, I haven't had a chance to sit down and record it all...but I've got to keep up with this. This blog is my only chance at remembering our life, as my memory is pretty much worthless. So, here goes - I'll try to sum up the past three weeks as quickly and painlessly as possible.
So, on to the bad news: My mom came to visit on her birthday, May 5. That's not the bad news. In fact, we were so stinking excited for her to get here, I'm not sure any of us slept in the days preceding her visit. The bad news is this: The day she got here - HER BIRTHDAY - she parked in front of our house. We had just gotten home from picking Avery up from school, having a frozen yogurt in honor of GRAMMY'S BIRTHDAY and were home in the backyard. The kids were playing in the water and Grammy and I were preparing for a celebratory BIRTHDAY beer in the backyard. I ran inside to get something and heard a loud CRASH! My very first thought was "Oh no, not Mom's truck. Not Mom's truck." Guess what? It was Mom's truck. The lady in this car:

swerved over to the wrong side of the street and hit my mom's truck head on. She supposedly fell asleep, but considering she had to turn onto our street 2 blocks earlier, we suspect some texting/phoning could have been going on. Either way, she slammed Mom's truck and totaled her own car. Lucky for us, no one was in Mom's truck and it wasn't totaled. It is, however, in a shop here in Frisco as we speak. And Mom had to rent a car to drive back to Oklahoma. And it was a huge hassle on her first two days here. And did I mention she was here to celebrate her BIRTHDAY? Some celebration. But again, we are so thankful it wasn't any worse than it was and we were able to move on from this and have several great days while she was here.

I think that's all I have for the bad section of this post. Aren't we lucky? I had a minor scare at the dermatologist, when they sent me an email which led me to panic and think I had gotten bad results back from a mole biopsy, but it was a mistake and all is good.

Now, on to the Good section:
There are many, many things I could post here...probably the most fun we had while Mom was here was our shopping day on Friday. Retail therapy is an amazing thing, isn't it? We came home completely energized, excited and not at all thinking about Mom's wrecked truck out front. I wish I had thought to take pictures of the style show we had when we got home, but I was too excited about all the clothes and shoes my Mommy bought me to think of a camera. Let's just say hearing my mom say (several times, I may add), "Just get it...I'm buying" totally rocked. I haven't gone anywhere to wear any of my cute stuff, but that hasn't stopped me from trying it all on several times since she left!

I hate to say that I had more fun shopping than I had celebrating my sweet baby boy's 3rd birthday - they were equally special and fun. Let's just consider them the same on the Good list. I should probably include the fact that I didn't write Rhett a special birthday post on the bad list...but I promise, I will make it up to him somehow.

He didn't seem to notice - he got all he wanted and then some. I can't believe he's already 3. I think I'm putting it out of my mind so I don't have to think about the fact that I no longer have any babies and that they are growing up way too fast. Should this be in the bad section if I'm about to cry? Nah, I guess it's all good. Bittersweet, but mostly good.

Here's one of the best things on the Good list:
I always put up some decorations on the kids birthdays. I always do it the night before, so they wake up to decorations. Since we celebrated Rhett's birthday with Grammy on Friday, I told Aaron to remind me to decorate on Saturday night. But guess what (Bad section again)? I was so tired Saturday night, that I forgot to decorate.
Lucky for me, and especially for Rhett, I have a husband who takes care of things when I fall short. He woke up early on Sunday morning, and saw that I had forgotten to decorate. He knew that I would be upset if Rhett woke up without decorations, but as he put it, he was in a "Catch 22" because he didn't want to wake me up early on Mother's Day. So this is what happened.
I woke up to this sign on the inside of my bedroom door.

Aaron wrote the top part. Avery wrote "If you come out" and drew a fist. As if she would punch me if we came out. What a lovely sentiment to write for your mother on Mother's Day. I thought it was precious - and so her.

When they got back, we found out they had been out getting breakfast. And I was allowed to come out of my room. And I saw curly ribbon on the light and these:

Aaron wrote them and he is mortified that I took pictures of his handwriting. He said it looks like a 3rd grader wrote them. But let's be honest - how many grown men are good at bubble letters? He just tried to do what he thought I would have done. It was the sweetest, most romantic thing he's done for me in a long, long time and I'll never forget it. (Well, I probably will forget, but that's why I have it recorded here!)

Ok, clearly, we've had lots of good things happening. I will finish up with The Adorable:

Here is Reese, modeling an outfit that Grammy purchased for her. Yes, you are seeing this correctly. The baby doll's clothes are identical. On our shopping extravaganza we found an adorable marketplace that had a shop with adorable little girls' clothes and each outfit had a matching doll-sized outfit. The doll clothes are actually made for an American Girl sized doll, but thankfully, Reese hasn't caught on to the AG trend so we're just using it on our regular old baby doll. Frankly, she didn't care about the doll outfit, but my mom and I just had to have it. How could we not?

Ok, that's it for now...I'll try not to wait so long between posts so that you aren't forced to read a novel every 2-3 weeks. Happy Monday! :)

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