Friday, May 28, 2010

The Baby Doctor

What kid doesn't like to hear the story about the day they were born? Avery has always asked me questions about what it was like when she was a baby, but tonight was the first time Reese has asked about the day she was born. I started telling her how excited we were to finally meet her, but then how the doctor came in and said there was something wrong. I told her how he said we have to get her out NOW. I told her how a bunch of nurses came in and how they were all preparing me to have a baby with some sort of problem. And I told her that they sent in a bunch of baby doctors to take care of her as soon as she came out.
The minute I said "baby doctors," Reese got tickled. Avery wanted me to tell the rest of the story, but Reese kept interrupting, saying, "I can't believe they had baby doctors there!" I thought she was just fascinated that she was the center of such a big ordeal. At least that's what I thought until about 10 minutes ago, when she held up her hands to indicate a small sized person and said "Mom, were those doctors like this big?' She honestly thought I meant the doctors were babies. Not a doctor FOR babies, but that the baby doctors were actually babies who were doctors.
No wonder she was so tickled...who wouldn't laugh at that?
Thank you Reesie...from now on, when I remember the day you were born, instead of feeling panicked and seeing a gazillion health care professionals staring at me, waiting to deliver a sick child, I will always see that delivery room full of little tiny babies, standing around wearing scrubs and lab coats, as their stethoscopes drag the ground!

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