Friday, September 4, 2009

Even PBS Has Naughty Words

We are fairly careful about what we let our kids watch. Not obsessive, to be sure, and we let them watch more than some people would, but we always talk to them about TV and what they can and can't say or do, etc. I feel like my kids are pretty good about knowing that what they see on TV isn't necessarily real or ok. One channel I never worry about is PBS Kids. Maybe I should, based on this conversation with Reese this morning:

We're all sitting together watching Super Why. There is one part in every episode, where Wyatt (or is it Whyatt? That looks weird.) yells "To the book club!" Today, after he said it, Reese said "Momma, I already know I can't say that."
Me: What?
Reese: We can't say that, right?
Me: What?
Reese: Because we don't talk like that.
Me: I don't know what you mean. You can say book club if you want to.
Reese: We can say book club, but not butt club.
Reese: He says "To the butt club" and we can't say that. We just have to say book club.

I explained, through tears of laughter, that he's not saying, nor will he ever say, "To the butt club. And no, you can't say it."

So much for wholesome television.

(She also just asked Rhett to give her a bite of "cheap." After watching him walk in circles trying to find cheap and after making her repeat herself at least four times, she pointed at my plate. She wanted a bite of peach. Is it possible that her hearing is already going? Miracle Ear, here we come.)

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