Wednesday, August 5, 2009


You know those cup holders they have on most treadmills? I've always used them to hold my water and I've seen other people do this too. However, I discovered yesterday that they should not be used for this purpose. I'm not sure what I'm going to put in there from now on, but you can bet it won't be water. Here's why.
The baby I keep was napping so just my kids and two older ones (I watch every once in a while) were hanging out. I decided to get on the treadmill. The oldest of all of them, Rachel, followed me upstairs, I guess just to watch me run.
So, I'm about 15 minutes into a pretty good run. I have a good sweat going and am feeling great. I slow down to a walk to get a drink of water. Then it happens.
Apparently, some of the water spilled, although I didn't know it. In a split second, I slipped on the treadmill belt and began falling. The treadmilly, thankfully, is near a wall and I was able to grab the wall to hang on. The water went flying, onto the wall, down the stairs on the other side of this wall and all over me. My shin was scraping against the belt of the treadmill. I yelled "SHIT" out of fear and pain. I was able to somehow hang on to the wall and press the stop button at the same time. I looked over and Rachel seriously looked like she had just seen a ghost. She was about to cry. I immediately apologized for the cussing and told her I felt terrible about it, I was just scared and hurt. She said "I don't care about that. But it looked so scary. Are you sure you are ok?"
I wasn't 100% sure I was ok. Not because of my physical injuries - I pulled my right hamstring (for the 100th time in my life) and burned a spot on my shin, which later blistered and now hurts any time something touches it. No, the thing I was so unsure about was the fact that I had 6 children in the house and I had just about gone down like a bad Goodyear. I kind of had a small panic attack, thinking of what would have happened if I had hit the wall instead of hung on and passed out or was bleeding. I guess Rachel would have known what to do. I spent a few minutes talking to everyone about what they would do if I was to fall and pass out or hurt myself too badly to walk.
When it seemed like everyone was over the incident and understood what to do if I ever got my fat ass on the treadmill again (not this week), I started to laugh. And thanked the Lord above for two things:
1. That I wasn't hurt badly; and
2. That no one had a camera. I could have been the next You Tube sensation.


Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Oh my gosh! That's why I don't work out! ha.

Hope you feel better soon. Did you see the reunion photos on FB? Yours in next!

Dodi said...

Oh Amy, don't remind me. It doesn't seem possible that we've been out of high school this long!
We went to Aaron's reunion last weekend...can't believe it!
I did see the pics. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

My only question is where was Avery, your personal trainer? Wouldn't she know what to do....

Courtney said...

That is so scary! I'm glad you weren't hurt worse than that. It could have been really bad. No more working out for you, Court's orders.