Monday, December 20, 2010

Reese is 5!!

Actually, Reese has been 5 for almost two months. I'm just a lazy, bad mother who can't keep up with anything. Thank you to my sister for reminding me that I'm not keeping up with this blog. I am pretty sure that, by this point, she is the only one reading, but if I don't document my kids' childhood here, I doubt I'll remember it! So thanks, Lauren, for nudging me.
Part of me can't believe Reese is already FIVE. Five is a kid. Not even a hint of baby left. (Well, except for the fact that she still sucks her fingers when she's sad or sleepy!) The other part of me can totally believe it because she acts about nine sometimes. She is still a sweetie, but is also becoming quite a drama queen. When she is told "no," she can wail and whine that life is no fair, she never gets anything, and she can't believe how sad she feels. She has actually said "I can't believe you just let me cry like this!"

But she is also pretty funny. Most of the time, she's not trying. Like here:
This was an outfit that Avery wore and I bought it for her because it wasn't too girly, but still cute. It's now in Reese's drawer, but hadn't been worn until this day. I said "Reese, you look cute in that outfit" and she said "Yeah, it's like I just got off of a horse." I have no idea what that means...maybe because it has patches, or maybe because it's jean shorts. I asked her what she meant and she responded with "Well, just look at it." So look at it. Do you think she looks like she just got off of a horse????
She is also a fabulous big sister to Rhett. As long as Avery isn't around, the two of them get along fabulously. (Isn't there always a problem when there is an odd number of kids?) Here they are, pretending to go on "a-cation."

Here she is on her actual 5th birthday, looking too precious and way too grown up:

And here she is last week, after begging me to wrap her like a present and put her under the tree:
Best present I ever got! Love you, Sweet Reesie!

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