Monday, October 25, 2010

I Found My USB Cord!!!!

After a month of living in the new house, I still have at least 10 boxes that still need to be unpacked. I haven't actually unpacked even one box in the past week - until today. And guess what I found? My USB cord for my camera, so that I can download pictures to my computer again!

Here is a little bit of what I found...

This is Avery with her pet hamster, Digger. We told her she could buy a hamster if she earned the money. I figured a hamster with cage was about $30. I told her she had to earn $25 and I would pay for anything extra. Guess what I found out? Hamsters are not as disposable as I thought. With cage, food, and rodent, the total came to a whopping $65. Digger is supposed to be a test to see how ready Avery is for a puppy. She has been dying for one since she was about 3 and I am dying for her NOT to have one. I'm not too worried right now since I have been the one to supply Digger with food and water for the last two weeks. Anyway, the point is that she loves the hamster...and he has survived for over two months, which is a record in our house!

Above is a picture of Reese feeding her baby. I don't think this picture requires any explanation, except that I think it's precious!

Here's a picture of Reese and Rhett on their first day of Small Fry Soccer. Reese loved it and is convinced she is going to sign up for soccer...unless she signs up for softball. Or she wants to keep doing dance. Or cheerleading. Or maybe volleyball, if they have it. Basically, the girl can't make up her mind. So we'll wait and see what time of year it is when she lands on a decision!

Here are Reese and Rhett taking one of their last baths in our old house...
...and here are their handprints in the concrete patio in the backyard. If I could have taken this, I would have. It still brings a tear to my eye to see it:

We miss our old house - it was so us - but we do love our new one and are enjoying making it ours.
I will end with a picture of the newest chapter in our lives: Our first night in the new house...tired from a long day of moving, but happy and excited to be here!

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Kristina C. said...

What a good looking family!
Blessings in your new home!