Thursday, June 10, 2010

Avery's Birthday

I'm so behind...on the blog, in my scrapbooks, and in life in general. I just downloaded pictures off of my camera. There were 160. I realized, after downloading and beginning to edit, that I never acknowledged or posted pictures of Avery's birthday, which was on May 20th. Better late than never, I guess! Happy 7th, Baby Girl!
Her actual birthday was a Thursday. We invited a couple of friends over after school and we ordered pizza and played in the water. She said it was one of the best parties ever - and it didn't cost me a dime, except for the pizza!

Her "real" party was on Saturday, at Grammy's (in Oklahoma). We had planned to go to Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend, but somehow, Grammy's was mentioned. We gave Avery the option and she didn't hesitate before shouting, "GRAMMY'S!" She also said the only present she wanted for her birthday was to get to sleep with Grammy. I'm not going to expect this kind of low maintenance birthday forever, but I sure am happy about it for now!
Here are a few pics from the weekend in Oklahoma:
It was a pretty typical backyard birthday party...she had presents...
and cake....
and frog and turtle races...
(FYI-the frog won)!
They had a water balloon fight...
...and when the water balloons ran out, Aunt La La drenched them!
Spending her birthday with her cousins was exactly what she wanted. She had the best time! When we woke up on Sunday, she almost cried when she realized we had to go home. Her daddy told her we could stay later than usual, and Auntie Em and I decided to help the kids have a lemonade stand.
Here are the kids, waiting for the signs, which I was in charge of.
The big kids all had jobs. Avery and JD were in charge of pouring lemonade, Reese and Macy were in charge of the money. That left Big Tuna with no job. He was a little sad until Uncle Josh and Daddy came up with the idea to put him in a sandwich board and have him walk up and down the driveway, advertising the stand.
I made the lemon signs and Josh taped them to a Bud Light box (always classy!). We tied the lemons together with twine and voila!
How stinking cute is that?
Looking at this makes me want to have a lemonade stand in the front yard right now. Let me just go empty this Bud Light box real quick......

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