Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We love Sprinkles cupcakes. Unfortunately, the only place to get them is about a 40 minute drive away, into Dallas. Also, they are a gazillion dollars apiece. So we don't get them often. But, sometimes I buy the (also way expensive) Sprinkles mixes at Williams Sonoma. Economically, they are a total ripoff. The mix is about $14 and it is just a mix. You still have to add butter, milk, eggs and you have to make your own icing. (They provide the recipe.) So basically, you get a package of dry mix for $14. Oh, I forgot the signature dot to put on top of the cupcake. That explains the high cost. (not) But dang, those things are good. Sometimes it's worth all the extra expense. Sometimes, a Betty Crocker just won't do. Plus, $14 for a dozen Sprinkles isn't all that bad...a dozen at the shop is at least $36. Anyway, sometimes I just want one! For those occasions, we keep a Sprinkles kit in the pantry.

Guess what flavor we made today?

What the hell is red velvet, anyway?

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